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CKE Restaurants, Inc.
Vendor Code of Conduct

CKE Restaurants, Inc. and its affiliated companies (“CKE”) are committed to a philosophy that emphasizes strong ethical practices and full compliance with all laws and regulations applicable to our business.  Consistent with this commitment, CKE encourages all vendors with whom we do business and their respective employees and representatives (“Vendors”) to share this philosophy and requires these Vendors to adhere to high standards of business conduct, including the provisions of this Code as outlined below:

Legal and Regulatory Compliance:

All Vendors must conduct business in full compliance with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations, including, but not limited to, those relating to labor and employment, health and safety, anti-corruption and fraud, fair competition and the environment.

Conflicts of Interest:

It is very important!!! for Vendors to avoid any actual or apparent conflict of interest while conducting business with CKE. All Vendors should:

  • Refrain from engaging in any financial or other business transaction with individual employees and representatives (and their close family members) of CKE.
  • Refrain from giving to or receiving from any CKE employee or representative gifts that equal more than the amount that would be considered customary courtesies, as these gifts may be deemed a bribe or kickback.  Bribes and kickbacks are strictly prohibited by law and CKE policy.  Any permissible gift, incentive or other item of value offered by or to a CKE Vendor must be fully disclosed to and approved by CKE’s Chief Compliance Officer.
  • Conduct all transactions with CKE on an arms-length basis. This means conditions should exist for competitive, willing buyer and willing seller transactions.  CKE purchase and vendor selection decisions will be made on the basis of quality, price, availability and service. 

Confidential and Proprietary Information:

You must not use or disclose to third parties any CKE confidential or proprietary information, except as specifically authorized in writing by CKE.  This confidential or proprietary information includes, but is not limited to, non-public business, financial, personnel, or technological data, strategy plans, pricing and sales information, food and beverage processes, recipes and specifications and other information relating to any aspect of CKE’s business operations.

Fair Dealing:

CKE expects Vendors to deal with their competitors and others fairly, honestly and openly.  CKE prohibits conduct by any Vendor which would provide or result in an unfair advantage to that Vendor, including the illegal or improper use of competitor information to obtain business with CKE.

Agreement to Terms:

 ______________________________, a Vendor of CKE, agrees to abide by the terms of this Vendor Code of Conduct, to educate its employees and representatives as to the requirements of this Code and to report to CKE any violation of this Code of which Vendor becomes aware.


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