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  • CKE Restaurants, Inc. owns, operates and franchises more than 3000 restaurants in 42 states domestically and in 14 countries worldwide under the brand names Carl’s Jr.®, Hardee’s®, Red Burrito® and Green Burrito®.more...
  • CKE Restaurants, Inc. prides itself on the quality and innovation of the menu items at each of its brands along with an intense focus on guest service and restaurant cleanliness.more...
  • CKE Restaurants is not publically traded. CKE’s common stock was originally listed on Nasdaq in October 1981 under the ticker “CARL.” The original offering price was $12.54 a share not considering any subsequent stock splits. The stock was re-listed on the NYSE in June 1994, where it began trading under the symbol “CKR.” CKE was acquired by Columbia Lake Acquisition Holdings, Inc., an affiliate of Apollo Management VII, L.P. ("Apollo") on July 12, 2010. Pursuant to the terms of the merger

  • January 1983 — Split 5 for 4
    April 1987 — Split 3 for 2
    July 1989 — Split 2 for 1
    January 1997 — Split 3 for 2
    January 1998 — 10% stock dividend
    January 1999 — 10% stock dividend

  • If your shares of the common stock are held through a bank, brokerage firm or other nominee, you are considered a “Beneficial Owner” of these shares held in “street name” and the bank, brokerage firm or other nominee will contract you with instructions to effect the surrender of your “street name” share of common stock in exchange for the per share merger consideration.

    If your shares are registered directly in your name with our transfer agent, BNY Mellon Shareholder Services, you are